How to bring "Lagom" into your home?


It emphasizes a healthier lifestyle that is more sustainable, balanced, and happy. Discover how to create a lagom-inspired interior and transform your home.

What is Lagom?

Swedish word 'Lagom' comes from the phrase 'lagom är bäst', meaning just the right amount; not too much, not too little. The goal is to live a balanced, sustainable, and equally enjoyable life.

By changing our habits, we are already embracing the lagom lifestyle, but how can we incorporate this trend into our homes? Keeping it simple and minimalistic means eliminating the unnecessary and focusing on functional pieces. Living in comfort and looking after the environment is only possible with lagom.

  • Create harmony and balance

The Lagom philosophy is to keep things simple! If you simplify your life, you will be able to accomplish far more.

This is best done with complementary groupings of neutral colors because they offer both elegance and simplicity. Add some indoor plants because they bring in a touch of nature and sustainability that is in line with the lagom philosophy.

  • Utilise a neutral Scandinavian colour code

Use basic Scandinavian neutrals to bring light into spaces and instill a sense of peace. A calm and simple backdrop is created by cool greys and white. Floorboards made of natural wood or whitewashed are a staple of Scandinavian design.

In general, it's best to avoid pattern and other distractions, but feather designs and delicate geometrics are understated enough to maintain the relaxed atmosphere.

  • Create a relaxing atmosphere

If you don't want to be excessively experimental with dramatic embellishments, Lagom offers a simple foundation. A neutral color scheme with various tones of white, grey, and beige — hues connected to organic materials — can serve as the ideal setting for a tranquil and soothing ambiance.



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